Another finished commission!

Richard Wellington from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Justice for All. 

I have only played the first two games. They were great, so I’ll probably play the rest some day…

First sketch commission is finished! These lovely characters belong to makeoutmountain and tempestfangrising. Thank you so much for commissioning me!

Anonymous whispered,

You should try to draw a genderbent BEN Drowned or something.

Wait I just googled that thing and WHAT IT IS AND WHY DOES IT LOOK SO DISTURBING?


…damn I can’t stop looking at it. His smile is mesmerizing.


Hello guys!! Finally I’m able to re-open commissions! There’ll be five slots available for October. Signal boost will be very appreciated!









Black and White or Simple Colors: X / X /

Cell Shaded:  X / X / XX / X

Clean lineart + soft shading (high resolution): X / X / X /


More samples can be found at my DA or through my art tag.



-For all the “Bust” and “Thigh-up” commissions, a second character will only cost 50% of the first character’s price! 

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…are you guys oKAY?!

First time playing a Fire Emblem game! This part cracked me up so much.

…why are Ike and Soren so cute together?

Commission for Nekokoban.

(Commission info here)


Perfect precious babies. ♥ Cannot wait for marriage to come out in FFXIV!

—art by cluster-n

Thank you for commissioning me!

Commissions are still open~, go here for more information!

Commission for DA user Itsabere

Characters are Nakamori Aoko and Kuroba Kaito 
(aged up) from “Magic Kaito”.

Commission info


(Commission info here)

i-am-from-mars said: you have a frowny horsw what your class? you look like a warrior/samurai/knight?

I’m playing a shiotome (Battle maiden). Shiotome are basically female samurai that are trained on mounted combat since a very early age, and they share a really special bond with their horses. They usually come from a matriarchal family (Utaku). 

(El caballo de mi personaje es básicamente un princeso XD)

I recently started playing tabletop rpgs. Legend of the five rings is great, this is the OC I’m currently playing.

Suddenly a LOT of people is reblogging this old drawing … what happened? xDD

Favorite Eva girl.

Oh man, it’s been so long since the last time I posted something here. Time to revive this place.

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