…are you guys oKAY?!

First time playing a Fire Emblem game! This part cracked me up so much.

…why are Ike and Soren so cute together?

Commission for Nekokoban.

(Commission info here)


Perfect precious babies. ♥ Cannot wait for marriage to come out in FFXIV!

—art by cluster-n

Thank you for commissioning me!

Commissions are still open~, go here for more information!

Commission for DA user Itsabere

Characters are Nakamori Aoko and Kuroba Kaito 
(aged up) from “Magic Kaito”.

Commission info


(Commission info here)

i-am-from-mars said: you have a frowny horsw what your class? you look like a warrior/samurai/knight?

I’m playing a shiotome (Battle maiden). Shiotome are basically female samurai that are trained on mounted combat since a very early age, and they share a really special bond with their horses. They usually come from a matriarchal family (Utaku). 

(El caballo de mi personaje es básicamente un princeso XD)

I recently started playing tabletop rpgs. Legend of the five rings is great, this is the OC I’m currently playing.

Suddenly a LOT of people is reblogging this old drawing … what happened? xDD

Favorite Eva girl.

Oh man, it’s been so long since the last time I posted something here. Time to revive this place.

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amanduurr whispered,

WAAHHH I love the way you color, and your style is so pretty ; 3 ;


You drew that awesome Harurin comic I just reblogged to my normal tumblr some minutes ago. Holy shit HOLY SHIT I love your art too!! Everyone looks so handsome in your style… 

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You were always there for me.


I’m so jelly of the Mayor right now.

A commission for DA user CRiMSOnALLOY. Her character designs are so cool…

Commission info here

tehsketchpadgirl whispered,

I drew grub!America from your comic! I loved your design on the troll nations~ madamsketchy[.]tumblr[.]com/post/60253698965/i-doodled-grub-russia-and-then-i-doodled-this-lil


That’s so cute! For some reason I love when people draw fanarts using my designs.

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